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You can hire up to four toys at a time for 50p or £1 for two weeks (depending on size of toys). Click here to see some of the toys.

Organisations such as pre-schools are also welcome to hire toys.


Overdue Toys
A fine is payable for each week a toy is overdue unless you have previously renewed the toy by telephone or email.

If a toy is broken beyond repair you will be asked to replace it with the same or similar.

Missing Pieces
All toys are checked in so if a part or piece is found to be missing, a fine of £1 will be imposed, refundable when the missing piece is returned to the Toy Library.

Hire of toys for parties
The large toys (ie not those on the shelves) in the Toy Library cupboard are available for hire for parties at a cost of £15. This must be paid before the party date. If the party is being held in the Children's Centre the caretaker will open the cupboard and close it again after the party.

If the party is not being held in the Children's Centre, toys must be collected and returned on a Thursday morning when theToy Library is open beween 9.30 am and 11.30 am.